Private Tours

Original tour planning. Near Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido etc・・・

We propose the optimum plan for you.

Private tour fee is expensive. However, public transportation in the Kussharo area is very poor.
Tourists take a lot of time to go around the highlight or can not go.
However, by using private tours, it is possible to provide satisfactory time in places you want to go, in plenty of time, where you want to see.
In addition, the itinerary manager will be on board, assisting and supporting your tour.

Model course

Please refer to your planing.

It is also possible to go to the next accommodation.You can assemble a tour on request.

Private Tour Fee

Price varies depending on the number of people and the number of days. From 2 people.

1 Day

Person Tour price Per person
2 72,000yen 36,000yen
3 81,000yen 27,000yen
4 89,000yen 22,250yen
5 97,000yen 19,400yen
6 105,000yen 17,500yen

2 Days

Person Tour price Per person
2 126,000yen 63,000yen
3 141,000yen 47,000yen
4 155,000yen 38,750yen
5 170,000yen 34,000yen
6 183,000yen 30,500yen

3 Days

Person Tour price Per person
2 180,000yen 90,000yen
3 201,000yen 67,000yen
4 222,000yen 55,500yen
5 243,000yen 48,600yen
6 261,000yen 43,000yen


Reservation is a “Yume-F.C.”. Up to 4 days before the desired dat.

Your Name*
Number of people
Desired tour start date and time
Desired tour start place
Desired tour end date and time
Desired tour end place
A place where you would like to drop in
Phone Number
Building / Room
  • We plan and do a better private tour plan while consulting with the customer and our staff.
  • In case of cancellation, please see cancellation policy, please inquire.
  • 7 people or more, consultation required.
  • If you wish for 1 person you will be charged for 2 people.
  • Time is a standard.
  • The tour time less than 1 day tour will also be posted as a 1 day tour.
  • If departure or arrival is other than Teshikaga Town, a separate charge will be charged.
  • Activities etc are optional.