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Sakura Fall

This waterfall is collapsed sandstone of time a long time ago was a submarine, was able to. Bloom cherry blossoms in the spring, “masu salmon” between June and August will show me a jump of over waterfall.

Masu salmon and will fish of salmonid coming back to the river for spawning is said to be the queen of the mountain stream “YAMAME” is again growing significantly down to the sea. In Japan, it is seen run-up to the rivers of northern Japan and the Sea of Japan side. This only location where you want to jump the big waterfall is rare in the world.
Strength and timing and location and at the same fish to succeed beyond waterfall attached to ally the luck is just, but the figure to jump hard will want to cheer aloud.
Also in June of beginning to jump, the fish will shine in silver, in August spawning approaches will gradually change to cherry color.
And finished the spawning in September, as well as other salmon, we will take over life to the next generation.